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Meet our Owner


Hello! I'm Amber, the owner of Grand Cru Weddings & Events. I am a hopeless romantic, a people-pleaser, and I truly love to celebrate. I am extremely detail oriented and love seeing an event come together. I enjoy seeing the smiles on the faces of clients and their loved ones as they enjoy each other's company stress free. 

I chose "Grand Cru" for the name of my business because I love champagne; toasting to any occarsion with a glass of bubbly brings me true joy. After visiting the Champagne Region in France with my husband in the Spring of 2019, I learned that less that 10% of the world's wines and champagnes can be considered "grand cru". Theses are truly the best of the best. The French term, "grand cru", literally translates to "great growth". No matter what event you are having, spending  quality time with people truly helps you to grow. For a bride and groom, their wedding day is just the begging of their "great growth". As your wedding or event planner, my hope is to promote great growth through a grand celebration where you don't have to worry about a thing. 

CHEERS to you and your event! I look forward to working with your soon! 

About Grand Cru


At Grand Cru Weddings and Events, we love to celebrate with you! We offer all levels of planning for weddings, private parties,  and corporate events. 

"Grand Cru" is a French term used to classify wines, champagnes, and other delicacies as the best of the best. Our desire is to apply that same concept to your event. We want to provide you  with service that is the truly best of the best so that your event is something you and your guests will never forget.

We hope to take the stress out of your event so that you can really celebrate with your loved ones. 

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